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4 Typical Deficiencies in Pitch Decks for Investors

In this segment, I speak about the typical deficiencies I find in investor presentations when companies are looking to raise capital. I focused on pieces of the investor presentation where we typically get asked for help…

Daryl Ching, Vistance Capital Advisory

Do I really need to hire a CFO right now?

For start-up companies, accounting is often the most ignored segment of the business with the lowest allocation of resources. The CFO is typically one of the last executive positions filled…

Daryl Ching, Vistance Capital Advisory

Do I Pull the Trigger and Start My Own Business? – Part 1: Personal Situation

Based on a few requests, over the course of the next few weeks, I will be addressing various topics related to considerations before pulling the trigger on starting a business. The very first consideration is your current personal situation…

Daryl Ching, Vistance Capital Advisory

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