Vistance Capital Advisory is helping our clients cope through the COVID slowdown by helping them access government programs including BDC / EDC loans, wage subsidies, the $40K Canadian Emergency Response Benefit loans and revised cash flow budgets.

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4 Typical Deficiencies in Pitch Decks for Investors

In this segment, I speak about the typical deficiencies I find in investor presentations when companies are looking to raise capital. I focused on pieces of the investor presentation where we typically get asked for help…

Daryl Ching, Vistance Capital Advisory

Vistance Back in the Press Again

Along with two of our clients who were rejected for loans by the BDC, we shared our insights with the Financial Post to discuss the difficulty of qualifying for BDC’s BCAP facility. Despite the website stating that businesses need to be “revenue generating” and “financially viable prior to the impact of COVID-19”

Daryl Ching, Vistance Capital Advisory

4 Questions to Ask While Hiring Your Accountant for your Business

We are extremely pleased to release our second video. As I speak to prospects and clients, it becomes apparent to me that so many small business owners are very dissatisfied with their current accounting services. Whether they hire bookkeepers or even some of the large reputable accounting firms, they get overcharged and feel underwhelmed by the value they are getting…

Daryl Ching, Vistance Capital Advisory

Complimentary 10% Wage Subsidy Calculator

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