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Daryl and the Vistance team were a delight to deal with. Vistance helped us while we were in the middle of a very challenging situation. With rapid growth in our business and a gap in our internal accounting acumen, we were playing catch up on many fronts. Vistance helped us focus on the skill gaps we had, and managed to cover those off while we were able to develop and build out our infrastructure to accommodate. Today everything is tight, organized and we have a clear view on every aspect of our financial position. Daryl’s CFO and CEO perspective was a refreshing change to the historical accounting view of the world through “entries” rather than looking at the business as a living, breathing organism! Thank you, Daryl, and Vistance!!

- Michael Carmichael,

President & CEO of UpAuto

Daryl and his team have been a godsend. Our business was scaling very quickly when we were introduced to Daryl and our accountant/bookkeeper at the time could not keep up. We were also in the middle of raising our Series A and required very specific financial documents in a short period of time. His team came on board and did a full audit of our financials, cleaned up mistakes that were made in previous years, and developed processes that would help in developing a successful profitable business. They sat with us in our office and learned about the fine details of our business and our goals. Now we consider Daryl and his team as part of the business. His eye when analyzing financial models is like no other. He really takes the time to learn every aspect of the business before developing a model and giving advice.

- Stacey Boguslavskaya,

CMO/Co-Founder of Lunata

Working with Daryl and the Vistance team has transformed the way we are able to do business. Their professional approach and detailed analysis has helped us decide where to focus our efforts and their all-in-one accounting and approach has helped me spend more energy with my clients and patients. Fiona, Rae and their team were able to provide the organized and expert accounting service we have been looking for. The regular team meetings makes it possible for us to decide which income streams to focus on. I highly recommend their CFO services for any business owner clinician like myself.

- Dr. Julie Hwang,

Owner and Clinician, Aurum Medicine and Wellness Clinic

Daryl brings vast experience and knowledge in finance and accounting practices. Since the start of our partnership, Daryl’s team has been dedicated in working with us to better understand our business, the challenges we faced, and how we could improve our daily operations. Daryl’s team freed up valuable time so we could focus on the critical aspects of scaling our business. We highly recommend Daryl’s services to any entrepreneur who is ready to take their company to the next level. We are grateful to have Vistance Capital lead our accounting and to support our growth.

- James Tjan,

Founder & CEO - Mindful Snacks Inc.

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